Commission Rates

If you have any questions please contact us at []!

character illustration

Can be full body or cropped in on the character depending on what is best in the context of the piece, decided by the client.
+50% for additional characters within the same piece.
+20% for simple BG, add costs for complexity.

large illustration

more description.... but also note to contact us.
image examples will include mats, etc.

reference sheet

A standard reference sheet comes with 2 full body poses and 3 expressions (expressions and poses are up to the client); all of the same character; flat color BG only.
Open to working from description only or mood board style references.
+40% per additional pose
+15% per additional headshot
+15% per additional prop (depending on complexity)

animated illustration

an illustration or character/prop art with animated elements.


A 40 page adventure following Four and Six as they are cast into an ever-changing realm known as the Lich Lands!

Four _

class: wizard

Six _

class: ranger


INKROT STUDIOS is a collaboration between two old friends Juston Mckee and Vi Pham, sharing their love of Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy, and monsters!

2022 SHOWS

anifest - torrance, ca - april 2nd
fangaea con - san diego, ca - may 1st

our sessions

a little peek into the campaigns we've played!

Maze tower

A campaign started in 2012 with Juston as the GM and the majority of it played in 3.5th edition. It was many folks first time playing and it was wild~Reached 5th level!

xanthas pak ravion

Juston's high elf warlock with an obsession for knowledge & power.

unwell kingdom

An on-going, home-brewed & epic campaign started by mutual friend, Zack.Ongoing. Currently level 13!

garp garp

Juston wild, thrash metal bard goblin! Plucked from the mud, raised upon "Contraption" before meeting a blue-haired bard that taught him Thrash!

Olly Wickett

Vi's gnome wizard. Left home to seek magical knowledge in the Painted Wastes. Ever since the old mentors abandoned the school he was devoted to, he's become a little unhinged.


Juston took on the role of GM once again for Descent into Avernus. Despite the tense and dreary setting there were tons of laughs.

Baelek Argrogg

Vi's half-orc oath of conquest paladin. When he's smashing skulls, his own is filled with white noise. He seeks power, simply because that's all he can comprehend striving for.

Gauntlet Graves

Juston's NPC that would now and then show up with some vital information for the party!


Guess who's GMing...! It's Juston! For Shadow of the Dragon Queen...On-going. Currently level 5!

Jovitari the Jolly

Juston's rogue & sorcerer changeling!

Bekael "kael" de auverns

Vi's tiefling oath breaker paladin!